Guess who?

It appears that everyone was having fun in AWANA! Can you guess who these clubbers are?

Who are these clubbers?

Answer to be posted next week…


We’ve Had a Great Start of the new season!

PTL – we’ve had two great AWANA nights so far beginning on Sept 9th! Big thanks to all the co-workers for your diligent work.

Couple of quick updates:

1. Cubbies (both 3 and 4/5 years classes) are using Jumpers book this year. Please have the children complete the entrance booklet then they can purchase the Jumper book.

2. Sparks 2nd Grade got about 20 kids – we may need more helper in that class!

3. T&T Adventure got about 24 kids – definitely more help is needed there.

4. T&T Challenge is migrating to the new book (T&T Challenge Book 1 and Book 2) and new uniform.

Let’s continue to pray for God’s guidance on this program and His Blessings be with all of us.

More pictures will be taken and shared here in the coming weeks.

AWANA Co-worker Training

PTL for a great c-worker training Friday Aug 26th evening. Thank you everyone for joining us. In case you missed it for any reason, you can find the training material here: Awana_Basic_Training SLCCC 08-23-2011.

Our Lord’s provision is abundant – we have sufficient co-workers for all the classes from 3rd years old to 6th Grade!

AWANA 2011-2012 Registration Form

You can use this link to download digital copy of AWANA 2011-2012 registration form.

See you soon!View Post

Link for Volunteer Sign Up in AWANA 2011-2012

Please use below Doodle Link to sign up for volunteering in AWANA Ministry 2011-2012.

Thank you for helping our kids and PTL for your services!

July 2011 – Need Your Prayers and Support

Whether you are a veteran in AWANA ministry, or you haven’t got a chance to serve, there is a place for you to participate.

Prayers are needed – pray that God will provide us with adequate number of co-workers, with all the needed teaching material and program guide, with a pure heart from each child to learn His Words, with safety and health to all the children, with His Holy Spirit surround each of us.

Co-workers are needed – we need leaders and assistants in T&T, Cubbies, and Sparks (Puggles for 2 years old if God willing); we need club leaders for each club; we need administrative staff to help with registration and AWANA stores and more. There are some many trivial things yet to be learned.

Your support are needed – whether or not you could volunteer in this ministry, we need your support as a parent – to get your child(ren) ready each Friday evening, to help him/her recite verses, to keep their uniform cleaned, to drop them off and pick them up on time…

But most importantly, we need guidance from our Lord, as He is the head of the church and He is the provider of everything. May whatever we do glorify His name and may the Holy Spirit be with each of us throughout the whole year, every step of the way, so that at the end, He is the one to be praised, and our hearts are transformed to be more like Him!

July 2011 – Gear Up for Next Season

Big thanks to Louis and Jenny for their faithful services in the past few years at SLCCC AWANA.

As we gear up for the next AWANA season, I’d like to invite all parents and other volunteers to join the team at SLCCC to prepare for another exciting program for our children.

If you are interested to serve in this ministry, please contact brother David Ren (ren_david(at) by e-mail, or by phone: 314-681-7465.

We are looking forward to serving together with you, teaching our children word of God, and have fun at the same time.